Typical Projects for Gary Green Gaming™
Leveraging insider experience & profit-generating expertise

Waccamaw Indian People of South Carolina

Gary Green Gaming™ has entered into an agreement with the Waccamaw Indian People of South Carolina to fund the tribe's quest to gain federal recognition and ultimately build and operate a resort-hotel-casino on the Tribe’s homeland near Myrtle Beach South Carolina (the 3rd busiest tourist driving destination in the Country). The Waccamaw Indian People first were recognized on census rolls in 1820, however, tribal members were denied US. citizenship until 1924. Their traditional graveyards were not protected until 1987. Though the US. Department of Interior declared the tribe extinct, anthropologists from the University of South Carolina disproved that erroneous assertion and the State of South Carolina has formally recognized the Tribe. The next step is to translate that state recognition to Federal.


We have created a “unique to the market” theme-concept project in the spirit of Hard Rock Café, House of Blues, Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Café, and other themed multi- purpose destinations. Created especially for Mississippi, Gary Green’s Mississippi Music Exploratorium Casino has been described as a destination resort that has a casino as an amenity. From a customer-engagement standpoint that is accurate; from an investor standpoint we are a destination casino-resort with intricate marketing-driven high-revenue asset. Gary Green Gaming™ has negotiated a Letter of Intent to develop, operate and own 100% of this casino-resort-hotel-entertainment complex on the gulf coast of Mississippi exactly half-way between New Orleans Louisiana and Mobile Alabama. A feasibility study for the project, prepared by The Innovation Group, projects gross gaming revenue at $96.4-million annually by the end of the fifth year of operation.

Slot machines & game development / placement

Combining one leg of co-founder Buddy Levy’s practice with Gary Green’s experience in slot machine math modeling and game design, Gary Green Gaming™ provides guidance and property introductions for game vendors entering the market. We assist slot vendors entering Tribal market by providing information necessary to conform games and devices to the requirements of each Tribe; Arrange, coordinate, and monitor system testing with each Tribe to establish compatibility between Company’s system and the Tribe’s program; Coordinate with US Customs for the importation of machines; Coordinate with local firms for the assembly of machines, where applicable; Arrange, coordinate and monitor the Customer Acceptance Test with each Tribe; Negotiate agreement between Company and Tribe upon the successful completion of the Customer Acceptance Test; Prepare and file, on behalf of the Company, Notice of Gaming Devices with the US Department of Justice; Prosecute Licensing and Compliance with each State and Tribe; Maintain communication with Tribes, casino personnel and Company regarding game and machine performance; Prepare and initiate protocol for expansion of market areas within Native American Gaming; Locate, qualify and arrange strategic alliances including distribution; and Coordinate the receipt and transfer of revenues. This cafeteria-style suite of services also includes game & math design, development, and placement as well as training for sales organizations.


Other current projects

Similar to our slot machine consulting and development vertical, we also provide vetting, analytical, regulatory, and training services to operators and want-to-be operators entering the American casino market for the first time. Vastly more regulatorily complex than most international markets and filled with region-specific marketing and operational eccentricities, many companies find our expertise invaluable. Removing many of the barriers to entry and fashioning workable finance models, we make industry entry reachable for many newcomers to the market.


These are a sampling of project-types typically in our portfolio:


Purchase of a high-profile Las Vegas Casino Hotel

Because of non-disclosure and other proprietary agreements, we cannot reveal the specifics of this high-profile Las Vegas property, other than to make it clear that Gary Green Gaming™ is negotiating for the purchase (and ultimate operation) of what will become our flagship branded casino. This well-known hotel-casino-resort will be featured in episodes of Gary Green’s television series “Casino Rescue” as our team rehabs and turns around this icon. To be posited as our home base and premier property for demonstrating our operational methodologies, this project is already known by almost every Las Vegas visitor. Check Google and other press-announcement sources for our progress in buying this property.

Four Tribal Economic Development Projects

New “greenfield” Tribal casino evaluation, development, and operational/management projects in Arizona, Washington, and with a First Nation in central Canada. To increase tribal economic development opportunities through innovation, growth, leadership, professionalism, and financial discipline, Gary Green Gaming™ has joined in a partnership with a Tribal business enterprise in Washington State, Working with the Tribe’s economic development board, we find, evaluate, develop, operate and train Tribal members in new gaming-business opportunities while serving the dual purpose of assisting the developing Tribe and expanding the mission of the partner tribe.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

In keeping with our long-standing analysis of the viability of casino revenue on the Atlantic City New Jersey Boardwalk (see our analysis), Gary Green Gaming Inc™ has begun work to develop, operate, and own Gary Green’s Down the Shore™. It will operate under our copyrighted absolute investor-return modified ZBB slot metric model. The hotel design goals will be to create a “wow” with cutting-edge technology inside and out; an elegant, simple, modern expression in contrast to the typical Atlantic City visual clutter; an easy and “cool” arrival experience; embracing the Boardwalk and Atlantic Ocean; and to reflect the brand and personality of our iconic co-founder, Gary Green, who is the celebrity brand of the property.